Age: 15 months to 4 years

Class Size: One classroom of 9 children / 2 teachers

  • Our monthly curriculum offers new adventures and opportunities for exploration and growth. The children are encouraged to explore the environment through various sensory, music, gross motor, and fine motor activities.
  • Painting, storytelling, singing, dancing and dramatic play are all part of our daily activities.
  • The language rich environment helps to promote literacy in young children.
  • The physical environment includes child size furniture, sinks, and toilets to help the children gain self-confidence and independence while encouraging self-help skills.
  • Staff will assist parents with toilet training as needed.


Age: 2.9 to 7 years

Class Size: Two classrooms  20 children / 3 teachers 

  • Our monthly curriculum includes a variety of creative arts, science and discovery, social studies, music appreciation, and culinary arts.
  • Children learn to take turns, solve problems, respect differences and resolve conflicts, all in preparation for successful school years ahead.
  • As part of our curriculum we enjoy a spacious playground for outdoor play.
  • The low teacher student ratio creates a positive learning environment where the individual needs of each child are met in a safe, active and effective classroom environment.
  • Our preschool also offers a Computertots program to children 3 to 5 years old. Computertots offers small classes for children to explore language, math, science, art, and technology in an exciting “hands on” environment. The curriculum is modeled after M.I.T.’s Computer Project for Young Children.

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